Today the 6 Metres join the fray at the 37 Copa del Rey MAPFRE for the first time.

They will race on the Alpha course area which is nearest to shore, sharing that arena with the Herbalife Nutrition J/80 fleet. There are seven Classic 6 Metres racing including “Bribon Gallant” which is skippered by Pedro Campos with Ross Macdonald as tactician. Gallant is an original 1947 Arvid Laurin design which was built in Sweden and which won the 2017 world championship with HM King Juan Carlos as skipper.

In the seven boat Modern fleet is the new “Bribon” was designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian and Javier Cela and was launched in May last year. Here at Copa del Rey MAPFRE she sails as "Stella". The Sothebys Mallorca IRC Classes and BMW ORC Class 1 race on the Delta course area which is the furthest out to sea to the east. ORC 2 and 3 race on Charlie and the Swan OD fleets compete today on Echo which is to the west – right – of Charlie and reckoned to be the race area which is more open, often with a split breeze. In the Club Swan 50 fleet “NiRaMo” has two wins on her scoreline but is being chased hard by Henrik Brandis’ “Earlybird” which has Jochen Schümann on board as tactician.

In the Sothebys Mallorca IRC Zero class “Momo” went out and won both races yesterday and navigator Michele Ivaldi believes conditions will be very similar to the opening day, “The forecast is similar to yesterday but with no gradient wind except what is developed by the heat of the island, and so it will be pure sea breeze day. Some racing areas will get nine to 11kts and other 11 to 13kts, depending. On our course area (Charlie) we will have the first race in seven to nine knots and the second race in ten to 13kts.”

IRC Class 1 sees the same situation with an early leader imposing themselves on the fleet, Karl Kwok’s “Team Beau Geste” also winning both races yesterday.

The GC32s sail their official practice race today before they start their GC32 Racing Tour tomorrow. 

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