The 37 Copa del Rey MAPFRE achieves its full, magnificent record magnitude today as the Melges 40 and the GC32s start their regatta. And there is the challenge of the coastal race for Mallorca Sotheby’s IRC Classes 0 and 1 and the BMW ORC.

With the usual transition zones and mixed up sea breeze and variations in pressure between inshore and offshore, the Palma coastal is always a pleasant challenge with opportunities right to the end of the course. And the mercury is rising all the time, it will be another hot, humid day. The race course for IRC 0 and 1 is 29 miles and for ORC 2 and 3 is 23 miles.

Closest margins are in BMW ORC Class 1 and Class 3, the Swan 45 and Herbalife Nutrition J/80 classes where the leaders are just one point clear, but no team is more than three points ahead at the top of any class, so things are all very open.

Maybe the more open race course and multiple legs on different points of sail will be a chance for the bigger, heavier boats to stretch their legs, such as the Class 1 Swan 80s Plisplay and Selene. Navigator on Selene is Simon Fisher,
 “It is more complicated and there are record temperatures forecast over Spain and Portugal for the end the week so it might be alright here. It is another sea breeze day here today with a slightly later transition to the sea breeze today, the land breeze should persist a little bit longer today. So a similar wind strength today to yesterday. But yesterday there was a big right hand bend into the bay but when it establishes today, there will be the left hand bend and windier slightly to the east side of the Bay.
We have the coastal course.  The models are showing a left hand bend into the course early on, with pressure in the east where we are starting and then getting more even, more straight up and down. The coastal course is always interesting, something a bit different. It may be a good thing we are not being sent too far out of the Bay because it will likely be lighter out there.
It is good fun on the boat. Sub 10kts is not really Swan 80 conditions but when we are 11-12kts we can mix it up and fight a bit with the TP52s and go similar speed through the water and so that is good.”

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