This is what they said today.

Gavin Brady, tactician Team Beau Geste, leader in Mallorca Sotheby's IRC 1:
“It felt like a long 35 miles for sure, but it was a good race. We got off the left end of the line and then it was a case of controlling the light spots as you go round the headlands. It was a really fun, dynamic course, so there are little passing lanes in under the cliffs. So you want to sail the shortest distance but then there is more wind offshore, there is a lot changing. There was a lot of compression expansion and compression. It is fun to do the coastal race in the middle of all this windward-leeward stuff. It is always interesting when the discard comes into play after eight races, that can be quite a game changer.”

Jesper Bank, tactician NiRaMo, leader in ClubSwan 50:
“We made a decision to race in a one design class and we certainly got that. It is extremely tight, extremely tight racing. You can be anywhere between first and seventh. I think we have good constant speed and that means we don’t have to be wondering if our boatspeed is OK. Our focus can stay out of the boat. We know the speed is OK and so if we are slow it is because we are not in the right pressure or we are in dirty air. So it relaxes things on board. We can focus on just positioning the boat properly." 
"Our first race was horrible. We can around the last top mark in second and got tangled up with the Swan 42s. In fact we had rolled Ulika and had the opportunity to win the race but then got in bad traffic with the Swan 42s. We dropped to fifth but got back to third, we were unlucky to drop to fifth but in fact we were lucky not to have lost a lot more, ending up third. We finished within a second of Earlybird and so now we have had three races in which we have finished a second ahead of Earlybird. It is very exciting." 

Manuel Weiller, tactician Sikon, leader in Melges 40:
" A good day for our team that is now leading the event after 3 races. We got 2 bullets on a not easy to sail course due to the fact that there was not a best option on the right or on the left and you had to work on the different shift and pressure all the time. Unfortunatly we did not find immediatly the right set up in Race 1 but in Race 2 and 3 we had a right balance and a clean performance. It's just the beginning and it will be not easy to defend the position in the next day due to the fact that all the melges 40 teams are really balanced in terms of speed and performance".

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