The winners of the 37 Copa del Rey MAPFRE share their thoughts on a fantastic edition.

Hendrik Brandis, owner "Earlybird", winner in ClubSwan 50 class: 
“Sometimes, and it is very seldom, you feel like you maybe could walk on water and today was one of those days.” Winning owner Brandis joked on the dock when Norwegian owner Petter Murren came to congratulate him.
“Those days are very seldom but today was one of them. Everything went right.”
“I am proud that we made it. We have been beaten twice by one second this week and once we made it by one second and so it is extremely close one design racing. Consistency won for us. We did not make any major mistakes in a long series. We have been sailing together for nearly 15 years and that helps avoid big mistakes.”

Francesco Bruni, tactician Stig, winner in Melges 40 class:
“It has been a great week. We started well and sailed fast all week. We all sailed well and so it was a very consistent week.”

Aleix Gelabert, bowman Estrella Damm, winner in BMW ORC 1 class:
“It is very important to win the Copa del Rey and so we are very happy. We started and had to be in front of them and we did that and then it was OK.”


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