Dockside talk with the winners of 36 Copa del Rey MAPFRE.

Markus Wieser, tactician Momo, winner of Maxi 72 class: 
“Dieter Schön our owner put in a lot of effort after a shocking year last year. We were not fast. We changed some of our sails, some of our trimmers and the whole set up. It is coming together. We are relieved as much as anything after the work we put in. We sailed the boat very well. We were very conservative on the first race today. We decided we needed to see how it ended up and then be more aggressive on the second race against whoever won the first race. So we had a little match race with Cannonball, inflicted a penalty turn on them, and that was it. They had to gybe and tack and by that time we were launched and away. It was good. It was our week. We are confident now and look forwards to the Maxi Worlds in Porto Cervo. There is more breeze there and when there is the boat goes better in anything more than 11kts. This is the second or third time I have won and Dieter’s first.”

Andy Soriano, owner-driver Alegre, winner of Mallorca Sotheby's IRC class:
“Winning here this time means a great deal to me. This is the regatta and so to win it in three different boats, in the Soto 40, in the Maxi72 and in this is just great. The lRC rating here really did seem to work. It balances itself. We had the bigger main but the shorter mast, less keel so it seemed to work out well. The French teams were right up there, they won the IRC European Championships in Marseille, Phoenix was sailing very well, Caro won today. But it is the same fundamentals which apply, get off the start line well. The team this week has been superb. We learned a lot. We got the boat really nicely powered up. The race officer did a superb job in really difficult circumstances with the weather thrown at her. It is good going with the light winds to get ten out of a possible 11 races." 
"It has been two and a half weeks of heat and hard work. Portals last week was an oven as well." 
"I think this regatta has great number of boats, a great mixture, the atmosphere and the nature of this Club which is so welcoming to sailors and to their families. The Club really embraces the presence here of families and as a crew we love that. This Club is so welcoming."
"And yesterday was a bit special, to get three firsts made it one of our best days ever. The team worked well together."

Hendrick Brandis, tactician Earlybird, winner of ClubSwan 50 class:
“We had a perfect day to finish with, two bullets. These last two days really stood out. And today we started strongly and got out in front to control the fleet and that is always a good feeling. The first race was tricky. It is fun to win here. As long as we have fun then that is important and we know you cannot win all of the time, so we enjoy it while it lasts.”

Christian Plump, owner-helmsman Elena Nova, winner of MRW Swan 45 class:
“We made it a little hard for ourselves. The first race was not so good today but we got the one boat between us and the competition and to get through the finish was a big moment for us as a team. We have won Palma Vela, the Swan 45 Worlds in Porto Cervo. We won the ORC Worlds in 2010 and in 2007 the IMS worlds. But this has eluded us and it feels good, we really worked hard for it.”

Pedro Campos, skipper SUM Innovation, winner of BMW ORC 2 class:
“We won the first race but we didn’t know the position of our rivals. In the last race we had a match race, with a lot of tension, and we were sailing close all the time. It’s beautiful but I think this has been my hardest Copa and the one I’ve enjoyed the most because we started with problems, mistakes, bad luck… Three days ago wining seemed impossible, but here we are!”

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