Quotes from the winners.

Markus Wieser, tactician on Hatari (GER), winner in ClubSwan 50 class:
“I am relieved, happy but relieved. We did not make it easy on ourselves and ended up having to keep a cover on them so it is good to win. We had to play it safe in the end which is a bit mad when we were third at the top mark and he was second to last, but we had to match them in the end. It was a good week, we have won three of the four events now this season, Scarlino, Sardinia and here but sadly not the Worlds and fourth at the worlds. I think last year we won the preliminary series last season and so this time we started defensively and caught up. It is a bit like match racing when you win the round robin and then lose the semi final.”

Michele Paoletti, tactician on G Spot (ITA), winner in ClubSwan 36 class:
“We had our best race on the last day. We were in front of Farstar and managed to put one boat between us and them and that was enough. It was much harder this year. The level in this fleet has gone up so much in a year it is incredible.”

Javier Banderas, owner of Teatro Soho Caixabank (ESP), winner of BMW ORC 2 class:
"We are on cloud nine, this victory is a great success because it has been such hard work. On paper it maybe looks easy in places but we have had races that we have won by just a couple of seconds. The key to this team is the years of sailing together. At the beginning we were getting hit from all sides, but we have worked very hard since then and the base of the team, which is from Malaga as well as Luis Doreste and Domingo Manrique, is the same as it was years ago. There are moments when just by looking at each other we know what each other needs.”

Rayco Tabares, tactician of Nadir (ESP), winner of ClubSwan 42 class:
"It has been an interesting week for us. It’s not how you start the week but how you finish. The scoring format has benefited us, this year just the opposite of last year, when we went into the Final with a big lead and they cut us back, but this year it has benefited us because we hadn't made the cut very well. We have been changing things on the boat and the team has sailed at a very good level. This is my seventh Cup win and personally and I'm very happy.”

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